Top 5 downloads last week at Win32 Scripting 
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 Top 5 downloads last week at Win32 Scripting

Wsh LiteWeight Forms...

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  Jim Warrington sent me this cool control that rivals the logonscreen control in functionality. Pretty high praise. He calls the control WSH LiteWeight Forms. Basically its a control that lets you build custom forms without all of the overhead of creating forms with Internet Explorer. This object has eight controls built-in:

    Frame (non-essential, but it adds a little "class")
    A system Icon (Info, Question, Warning, Fatal... )

  He says "You may configure your form with any or all, and in any number you wish (ok, there are a couple of exceptions). Why just those eight? Why not all? Well, for one thing we are talking about scripting here, and not reinventing Visual Basic all over again for WSH. If you want every control in vb's toolbox you may as well build your own control.." This thing is actually pretty excellent....

Run logon scripts without showing that ugly black console box.

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  YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN WITH THIS ONE. First off... It does not work on 95/98 workstations unless the %logonserver environment variable is set manually. When I get time I will fix it. Second, it has to be copied to the netlogon share of every domain controller in your environment to work properly. That being said....You heard right!! Dimitry V. Ketov put together this little app that will run logon scripts of any type, VBScript, Jscript, Perl, Rexx, Batch files, what ever, without the box. It uses the logonserver environment variable and the script must be located in the %logonserver%\netlogon directory but it works great. The application takes the name of logon script as first parameter in the command string. Very cool. Pick it up!

Sync Files Between Source And Target Directory V2
Script Language: Vbscript

  This sample demonstrates how to use the File system object to replicate files between 2 folders on any 2 machines on a network. The source folder is SOURCE_FOLDER, and the destination folder is DESTINATION_FOLDER. These two folders are declared as constants. Substitute your own values for those given below. The script is recursive on subfolders and works at any level, given a source and a destination path. The source can be scheduled to run at defined intervals on a machine that has WSH installed. It has been tested with WSH version 2.0 on Windows NT Workstation Service Pack 4.

  Author: Bilal Patel

System Scripting Runtime... SScrRun.dll version 1.2

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  YOU'VE GOT TO GET THIS ONE!!! System Scripting Runtime in its current form is a module which contains four ActiveX components: IPNetwork, LMNetwork, SSHSupport and System. It was designed and implemented to provide system and network-related functionality for various development environments (Scripting Languages, VB, Java, C++, and any ActiveX scripting agent).

    Object Properties/Methods:

      a.. IPNetwork
      Hostname property
      Domain property
      DNSLookup method
      DNSLookupEx method
      Ping method
      SendSyslogMessage method

      a.. LMNetwork
      ComputerName property
      SendNetMessage method

      a.. SSHSupport
      PostIPCEvent method

      a.. System
      CurrentDirectory property
      OperatingSystem property
      ProcessorCount property
      ProcessorDescription property
      SystemDirectory property
      TempPath property
      TotalMemory property
      UserName property
      WindowsDirectory property
      GetDriveType method
      GetFreeDiskSpace method
      GetTotalDiskSpace method
      Shutdown method

      b.. SNMPManager

    Get more information at

List Video Display Info Using Wbem
Script Language: Vbscript
  Uses WBEM/WMI to obtain and report display configuration of a machine. The script requires four arguments (hint, run the script using Cscript) ListDisplayConfig.VBS [/S server] [/O outputfile] [/U username] [/W password]

  Author: Andrew Clinick, Microsoft Corporation

Lots of stuff going on out there......



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