newcomer: accessing data file on the webserver 
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 newcomer: accessing data file on the webserver


i am trying to set up a simple database system on the web which enable user
to access information. For example

1. user enter password or name
2. VBScript check the password/name with a user list in the datafile on the
 I have tried using CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystem.Object")  and then
using Get.File("c:\datafile.txt") but i don't know where to specify my
server name,i.e.  if i were to upload the datafile to
the webserver.

3. if the password/name is on the list then other information (also
contained in the datafile) then will be shown

also how to read the data word by word for example datafile contain:-

name1, password1, address1, tel no1
name2, password2, address2, tel no2

any tips or example anywhere....

Thanks in advance.

km  (-:

Thu, 27 Mar 2003 09:41:13 GMT  
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