using the serial port (COM) in a VB Script 
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 using the serial port (COM) in a VB Script


does anybody know how to open (and read and write) a serial port (COM) with
a VB script (or with VBA)?
I'd like to communicate with my mobile phone (via Irda) by a VB Script (or
in VBA). for that I need to open a com port for reading and writing at the
same time.
Has anybody an idea or experience with that?


Fri, 08 Aug 2003 18:52:40 GMT  
 using the serial port (COM) in a VB Script
Never tried that but I remember in QBasic / VB you could open the com
directly (As It's an MS-DOS "Drive" or node as you might call it)

VB / QB Example

Open "COM" + comNo$ + ":" for Random as fileHandle
Use LOF to check for incoming Data
Get or Input works fine to get the data from the buffer
Use Print or Write to send data to the port

Tell me if it works :)

-- Mark
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Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:13:19 GMT  
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