Automation Error from Web Browser Control in VB5 Control 
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 Automation Error from Web Browser Control in VB5 Control

Whilst investigating a problem with a application I have that employs the
ActiveX Scripting Engine I discovered the following interesting problem
when the Web Browser Control is used in a VB5.0 Control -

Firstly create a VB5.0 Control that wraps the Web Browser Control and
export a method that invokes the Web Browsers Navigate method. Then employ
the VB5.0 control in an HTML page. In the HTML page add VBScript on the
Window Load event to invoke the VB5.0 Control method to perform the Web
Browser Navigate.

When I load this page I get an "Automation Error" on the call to the VB5.0
Control which internally returns an "Automation Error" for the call to

The page I am trying to navigate to ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) is
accessible through IE4.0 so its not the page. If I take the VB5.0 wrapper
out of the equation and create an instance of the Microsoft Web Browser
control in an HTML Page and perform a navigate it is okay. So the problem
seems to be with the VB5.0 Control. Does anyone have an suggestions?

Derrick Hastie

Mon, 16 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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