VBScript, ADO, ASP: Yet Another Stupid Newbie Question 
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 VBScript, ADO, ASP: Yet Another Stupid Newbie Question


> Unix C/C++ programmer, getting his {*filter*}kicked trying to build a simple
> web application using .asp and VBScript that will interact with an
> Access database on the server and will search/update Active Directory.  

> Not using .NET.

> I'm looking for references and or discussion and or code snips that are
> focused as directly as possible on what's kicking my butt.  I'm drowning
> in docs, and am working through them, but most of the current stuff
> seems focused on .NET and I guess I'm back one generation in technology.

> I promise I will never laugh about scripting languages again.

well, there where a huge number of books on this subject however now
with the advent of .NET the current ASP gets a bit snowed under. Try to
look for rather older books like ASP 3.0 .. or ADO 2.x which gives you a
wealth of info on how to connect to databases through ADO.


Sat, 27 Aug 2005 22:57:44 GMT  
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