Text File to Variable....? 
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 Text File to Variable....?

Hi I need to pass the entire contents of a text file to a variable.  Will I
have to use FileSystemObject or is there an easier way, say a client side
include to variable?  I can't use ASP tags for this.  It has to be run on
the client.

Thanks in Advance!

Paul Robinson

Tue, 16 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 Text File to Variable....?
Hi Paul, try this tiny script.

    Rem ----------------------------------------------------
    Rem asciiwrite.vbs
    Rem VB6-Notation
    Rem Option Explicit, Option Base 1, Option Compare
    Rem DefInt  I, DefLng  L, DefSng S, DefDbl  D, (DefDec
E), DefCur M, DefByte Y
    Rem DefStr  C, DefDate J, DefVar V, DefBool B, DefObj O
 '  Options
    Option Explicit

 '  Declarations
OWSHobj1                                          ' Object-
    Private Const Ofso1
= "Scripting.FileSystemObject"          ' WSH-Class

 '  Declarations for the textfile to be read
    Private Const Cfsoname1 = "d:\vbsprogramme1
\vbsapi\adr1a.txt"   ' FileSpec
Ofile1                                            ' Object-
    Private Const Iread1    =
1                                     ' ForReading
    Private Const Istate1   =
0                                     ' TriStateFalse
    Private       Cline1
    Rem ----------------------------------------------------
 '  Main BEG
read_ascii1                                              '
Sub 1
delete_objects1                                          '
Sub 2
 '  Main END
    Rem ----------------------------------------------------
    Private Sub read_ascii1()
      Set OWSHobj1          = CreateObject
 '    Creating and opening an ASCII-file in one step
      Set Ofile1            = OWSHobj1.OpenTextFile
(Cfsoname1, Iread1, Istate1)
        Cline1              = Cline1 & Ofile1.ReadLine()
      Loop Until Ofile1.atEndofStream
    End sub
    Msgbox Cline1
    Rem ----------------------------------------------------
    Private Sub delete_objects1()
      Set Ofile1            = Nothing
      Set OWSHobj1          = Nothing
    End sub
    Rem ----------------------------------------------------

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Tue, 16 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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