Simulating the BackSpace key and some other concerns.... 
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 Simulating the BackSpace key and some other concerns....


Whatz the best way to simulate a BACKSPACE key? I have a textbox entry for
which if the
user enters a non-numeric data, the validation routine would negate the
non-numeric data
and 'backspace' to the last numeric data entered. I'm using the IsNumeric
function to validate
numeric-only entry on each character as it is keyed in and NOT until the
entire value has been
keyed in......<see below Sub>

Also, the value of the textbox entry is not available when using the
onkeydown or onkeypress
event. Why is that ?

Lastly, would I be right to say that the textbox control on a webpage does
not expose
a hWnd property?

What I'm doing now is:

Sub text_onkeyup

If IsNumeric(Chr(window.event.keyCode)) then
    window.status = "IsNumeric is True"
    window.status = "False"
    window.event.keyCode = 0
    window.event.cancelBubble = True
    window.event.returnValue = False            'BACKSPACE not simulated
End If

End Sub

Mon, 10 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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