Dynamic listboxes from remote .DBF using ADO/RDS 
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 Dynamic listboxes from remote .DBF using ADO/RDS

Help! I'm drowning in a universe of over-complex MSDN
and web docs surrounding this simple problem.

Can anyone show me some pared-down, working, drop dead
simple code for this?

I've seen some semi-relevant database-to-picklist
examples on the web, but they are obscure because of
their needless complexity and bells and whistles.

I'm about intermediate level with ASP and ADO, still
trying to grasp RDS.

. Using IE5 from client machine \\mach01.

. ASP scripts reside on http://mach02

. The FoxPro file I want to query is at \\mach02\c\tmp\sw3.dbf
  It is from the ACT sales lead app.  Size is from 6 to 20M.
  Looks like this (didn't design it):

Company  Name
-------  -------

. MyForm looks like this:

  CompanyList[_________][V]    NameList[_________][V]

1. Fill an HTML listbox MyForm.CompanyList with the
   Company field from sw3.dbf
   (Done. Works ok, but SLOW)

<!-- Triggered with <body onLoad="InitCompanyList()">  -->
<script language=VBScript>
Sub InitCompanyList
  set rs = createobject("ADODB.Recordset")
  sql = "select Company=rtrim(Company) from sw3 order by Company distinct"
  cnStr = _
    "SourceType=DBF;" & _
    "SourceDB=\\mach02\c\tmp;" & _
    "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver}"
  rs.Open sql, cnStr
  do while not rs.eof
    Company   = rs("Company")
    set opt   = document.createElement("option")
    opt.Text  = Company
    opt.Value = Company
    MyForm.Company.add( opt )
End Sub

2. When user makes CompanyList selection, fill
   MyForm.NameList with the Name field from sw3.dbf,
   where each Name belongs to the Company just selected.

   sqlStr = "select Name from sw3 where rtrim(Company) = '" & _
     MyForm.CompanyList.Value & "' order by Name"

. Is there a way to use the index files associated
  with sw3.dbf to speed up the query?  The data is
  is from the ACT sales leads app.

. The NameList must be cleared every time the CompanyList
  selection changes, before it is filled with new values,
  but I haven't found a way to clear a <select> list in

This simple problem cannot possibly be as difficult with
ADO/RDS as it seems is it?

Thanks in advance, Steve

Wed, 17 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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