Add Site Operators programmatically (IIS Admin Objects) 
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 Add Site Operators programmatically (IIS Admin Objects)

How can I add Web-Site Operators using Visual Basic?
I got to the point where I get the Dacl and add a new Ace (see code below).
But when I try to write the Acl back to the IIsWebServer-Object(last two
lines), an error occurs (object doesnt support this method). I tried the
same via PutEx, but that didnt work either. If I dont do it, the new Ace
is existent in the dACL-object, but not in the WWWServer.AdminACL property.

Does anyone know how to do it?


Code (I left out the Dims for better reading):
Set WWWServer = GetObject("IIS://ServerName/w3svc/1")
Set ACList = WWWServer.AdminACL
Set dACL = ACList.DiscretionaryACL
Set NewAce = CreateObject("AccessControlEntry")
NewAce.Trustee = "Domain\Account"
NewAce.AccessMask = 11
NewAce.AceFlags = 0
NewAce.AceType = 0
dACL.AddAce NewAce

WWWServer.AdminACL = ACList

Sun, 29 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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