Window control - *sigh* 
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 Window control - *sigh*

I have an intranet application that is n-tier client server based - Browser
front end, SQL Server 6.5,  IBM Client access and an AS400 back end.

One of my constraints is that the client is an NT 4 workstation and the
only software that is loaded onto this workstation is the IE 4 upgrade
and enough software to talk IP on our network.  No activeX objects on
the page or any apps running on the WS.  Just the browser.

Now, my dilemma is this:

I must control where the user navigates to and prevent them from surfing
the net, other intranet sites etc. etc.  They cannot do a back or forward
navigation unless I control it...

I would have just trapped the keys that I do not want the user to use and
disable appropriate screen elements but a number of the more important keys
get processed before they get bubbled up to my code.  All I can do is try and
minimize the risk...

So, to accomplish this, I launch my primary startup page from a dummy page
that does a with things like toolbar=no, fullscreen=yes and a
cornucopia of other settings so that all that the user can see is MY SCREEN.  
No borders, menus etc.

This does not solve all of the problems (keys can still be used...), but it
minimizes them at best.

So, after the client window has launched, I must close the dummy launcher page
- But, as has become painfuly clear, if I do a window.close(), IE displays a
MessageBox confirming that it is OK to close the window.

Not acceptable.

So, my question becomes:  Can I apply the same properties to the main window
in some sort of OnLoad event handler or some such?  

That way I could eliminate the dummy loader page and the confirmation issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sun, 29 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Window control - *sigh*

>So, my question becomes:  Can I apply the same properties to the main
>in some sort of OnLoad event handler or some such?

No.  This ability was removed in IE3.02 because newbie users couldn't figure
out how to change the window settings back to the default.

Since this is an Intranet app, why not use the WebBrowser control?


   aaronb [microsoft mvp]

Wed, 01 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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