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 Frontpage install scripts

I had an asp script running that would install frontpage.
The script uses the object "aspexec" to execute fpsrvadm.exe.
The page runs under an admin account.
Since installing service pack 1 for windows 2000 server the script no longer
executes properly.
It returns the error "The server instance specified was not found"

I have installed Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions SR1.2 and it has
not helped.

I have also tried using "cold fusion", which operates under a system account
to execute a vbs through cscript with the same results.

I also get the same results using the pages in the admisapi folder.

I can type in the exact same command at the command prompt and it will
execute properly, however if the domain has a host header name of
"domain.COM" and I type in "" I get the error. I need to type it
in the exact way it appears in the host header name or it will not execute.

Any help with getting around this is appreciated.
I don't mind it being case sensitive, I just need my scripts working again.

Sun, 16 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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