Outlook Express Folders Accessible with VBScript? 
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 Outlook Express Folders Accessible with VBScript?

Two questions:

(1)  On the VBScript tutorial I downloaded, on the bottom of the "VBScript
and Forms" page, I came across this line:
"You'll find complete information about the Submit method and other methods
on the Internet Explorer Scripting Object Model page," with the words
"Internet Explorer Scripting Object Model page" as a link.  When I click on
it, it cannot find the site, or page.
I've looked all over microsoft.com and was unable to find this "Object
Model".  I am hoping to find out how to "get at" IE4 programmatically.  All
suggestions & tips are greatly appreciated!!

(2)  Also with IE4, I'm wondering if there is any way to programmatically
"get at" Outlook Express mail folders.
What I would like to do is loop through an entire folder of mail messages
and save out any attachments to these messages that may exist  -- to a
designated folder.  I have over 400 messages in the folder, so this would be
great.  Supposedly, VbScript can get at IE4 properties, but what about
Outlook Express?

Christopher Zent

Thu, 21 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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