ANNOUNCE : Platform independent toolkit for writing excel file format files 
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 ANNOUNCE : Platform independent toolkit for writing excel file format files

Have you ever needed to write out data files in
Microsoft Excel format without using MS Office
OLE automation? Or maybe you didnt have MS Office
and didnt want to waste any money on 'un-needed'
software? Well now you dont need MS Office! Even
better - you dont need Windows! Use our toolkit
to write excel format files!!

Scitek Research are proud to release version 1
of their toolkit designed to write data files in Excel
format. Data can be written to any Excel cell specified
by a row/column and the file can be opened directly
using Excel.

The toolkit is designed to be platform independent
and is supplied as DLL, OCX or static library (dos and
windows) form. The toolkit does not use any internal
windows methods (e.g OLE automation) to generate
excel files so can in principle be used on other platforms
(such as UNIX or MAC) although these have not been
compiled for yet. The next upgrade which will be out
soon (around Easter) and will support text formatting and
both reading and writing to excel files.
This version will be available free to registered users
of the Excel Toolkit.

A demo is now available to test out. You are free to use
these demos as much as you like as long they are not
distributed commercially. For more information and fast
and easy access use :


PLEASE NOTE : MS Office is NOT required for this
toolkit to generate excel files !!!

For more info please email.



On behalf of Scitek Research

Thu, 22 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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