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 Create HTML Text Box Dynamic

I am tring to create a new INPUT TYPE="TEXT" dynamic (VBScript)
I have used the createElement method to do that and the <span> to put it on
the HTML,
But when I want to put a line break after the <span> (in order to put a new
element under another),
It Does not do it
What is the way to do it (To put the new Element whenever u want)?
Here is the code:

<FORM NAME="FrmErr">

 Sub TxtCreate()

  Dim ElementErrNum
  Dim ElementErrDesc
  Dim ElementErrReduce

  Set ElementErrNum=document.createElement("<INPUT TYPE=""text"" SIZE=10>" )
  Set ElementErrDesc=document.createElement("<INPUT TYPE=""text""
SIZE=10>" )
  Set ElementErrReduce=document.createElement("<INPUT TYPE=""text""
SIZE=10>" )"txtNum" & document.all.length-12"txtDesc" & document.all.length-12"txtReduce" & document.all.length-12

  DataNum.appendChild (ElementErrNum)
  DataDesc.appendChild (ElementErrDesc)
  DataReduce.appendChild (ElementErrReduce)

 End Sub


LINK="#000000" VLINK="#808080" ALINK="#000000">

Error Number Error Description Points Reduce<BR><HR>
<SPAN ID="DataNum"></SPAN>
<SPAN ID="DataDesc"></SPAN>
<SPAN ID="DataReduce"></SPAN><BR>

<INPUT TYPE="button" value="Add    " name=BtnCrt onclick=TxtCreate()>
<INPUT TYPE="button" value="Submit " name=BtnSub onclick=TxtCreate()>
<INPUT TYPE="button" value="Clear  " name=BtnClr


Fri, 03 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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