needed: regular expression pattern 
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 needed: regular expression pattern


    I am working on an application that shuld detect a word within a HTML
file, replace it with another string (it will be a link) and I can't seem to
find the right pattern for that. The problems I think should be solved in
the pattern are:

1. It should detect weather the word located outside an HTML tag
2. It should ignore the word if it is located in an existing link
3. It should be able to deal with new lines, meaning if the word is located
in a link that it's "<a href" tag is located in the previous line, it will
ignore it (I tried the MultiLine property, yet doesn't work ok)

I know it sounds sophisticated... but I think it is only the lack of my
experience with this matter.

Thanks in advance,
David Treves

Sun, 23 Feb 2003 00:28:57 GMT  
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