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 OWC Excel LINEST Function


I am using OWC (in an ASP page) to perform a multiple regression (using the
LINEST excel function).
I would like to store the results in the spreadsheet I have created. Can
someone please tell me what is wrong with the code below ?


Note: I have already populated the Y-range values in the column F (F1-F60)
and the 4 X-range columns are B,C,D,E (all 1 to 60). So assume variable
'high' = 60
I want the result in the J10-N14 block. Here is the line that attempts to do
that (and fails!!).

objSpreadsheet.Range("J10:N14").Value =
"=Application.WorksheetFunction.LINEST(F1:F" & high & ",B1:E" & high &

Thank You,
Sai M Krishnakumar

Mon, 31 Jan 2005 03:10:59 GMT  
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