Chaining of Scripts 
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 Chaining of Scripts


I'm using a technique I would call "VB Script chaining", it means
I'm building a script "state machine".
Under certain circumstances, a script A decides it should invoke
script B etc...

The technique I'm using is to call certain procedure in my Visual
Basic code, which should perform a cleanup and then to invoke a

In this procedure I'm adding a new code to a script control and
I'm executing it. Unfortunately, I understand, I cannot use
ScriptControl.Reset, because the script A did not terminate.
It seems I have a chicken and egg problem.

Please answer the following:

1) What is a meaning of *Reset* method of the script control ?
it mean all the code is discarded? What happens in case the
did not finish its execution ?

2) What may happen in case I'm trying to add a code twice for the
same script procedure name ? I the old code replaced by a new

3) Do you know about any method of selective remove of a code?

Thanks in advance. Please answer also to my Email ,

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