From within ASP page - do a POST to another ASP 
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 From within ASP page - do a POST to another ASP


There is currently a user_input.asp page that accepts user
input, user selects [Update] button, the javascript within
this page does a form.submit to another _update.asp page
that will update the data into the Oracle DB.

I now have to change the form.submit back to itself, do
some no duplicate id check and then proceed to _update.asp
if there is no error otherwise display page user_input.asp
with error message.

If there is no duplicate error, I can use reponse.redirect
("_update.asp") and append the query strings.

Question is : can I use a post method with user_input.asp
to run _update.asp ???  The reason for this, I am hoping
to reduce making changes to _update.asp which now accepts
the Post method nicely.

Appreciate any suggestion and help.

Mon, 02 Jan 2006 22:22:36 GMT  
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