finding network login from web page 
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 finding network login from web page

i'm writing an intranet app and need to use our LAN to authenticate the user i.e. i need to find out who the user is logged in as on the LAN.

in VB i can do this using MPR.DLL as follows:

Declare Function WNetGetUser& Lib "Mpr" Alias "WNetGetUserA" (lpName As Any, ByVal lpUserName$, lpnLength&)

Function GetWorkstationInfo() As String

   Dim ret As Long, cbusername As Long, username As String
   username = Space(256)
   cbusername = Len(username)
   ret = WNetGetUser(ByVal 0&, username, cbusername)
   If ret = 0 Then
      username = Left(username, InStr(username, Chr(0)) - 1)

Does anyone know how to call this DLL from HTML/VBScript ?

thanks muchly

Tue, 28 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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