Getting row/column index of HTML TABLE cell 
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 Getting row/column index of HTML TABLE cell


Here is a little function I wrote to capture just what you are looking for.
I used it to create an updateable table. You may have to tweek it a little
for you purposes. Sorry about the formatting on paste from notepad. :(

Ted White

function TblRecordsOnClick()
 var tempText;
 var cellWidth;

 if (event.srcElement.tagName == "TD")
  if (curRow != 0)
   tempText = EditBox.value;
   tblRecords.rows(curRow).cells(curCol).innerHTML = "";
   tblRecords.rows(curRow).cells(curCol).innerText = tempText;
  curRow = event.srcElement.parentElement.rowIndex;
  curCol = event.srcElement.cellIndex;
  tempText = tblRecords.rows(curRow).cells(curCol).innerText;
  cellWidth = tblHeader.rows(0).cells(curCol).style.width;
  tblRecords.rows(curRow).cells(curCol).innerText = "";
"<INPUT ID='EditBox' TYPE='Text' VALUE='" + tempText + "' STYLE='width:" +
cellWidth + ";'>");


>Is it possible, in connection with the ondblclick event in a table cell, to
>retrive the row and column number of the cell clicked?

>I am working with IE 4.0; it would be OK to use IE-specific additions, as I
>am building an in-house report tool that will only be viewed by IE clients.

>I am new to VBScript/the IE document object model. I have looked through
>documentation available to me, but can't find any answer there.

>Hans Olav Husum

Tue, 28 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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