MCP exam 70-152 
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 MCP exam 70-152

I have given the MCP exam of microsoft for Visual Interdev
(70-152) 3 times, but in each of them I had got 0% in the
area "Designing Technical architecture of the Environment"
and "Designing User Services", as a result of which I am
not able to clear the exam. Can anyone help me - as to
where can I find information websites,etc. for these
topics,and hint what is the nature of choice to be selected.
Everthing I find is relative in those questions.
For eg., there was some question where it was stated that
Objects had been implemented,and asked later whether
Database tables have been implemented?

Also, are there any sites where I can find answers to those


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Mon, 15 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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