Tabbed form field won't update 
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 Tabbed form field won't update

The following code does not work. I modify the extatt1
variable and want to see
its modified value when mbsave.asp executes. Instead I
just see the original value i.e 15.
To reproduce
1. Take the first block of code and save as default.asp.
2. Take the second block of code and save as mbsave.asp
3. Create IIS virtual directory pointing to directory
where the files default.asp and mbsave.asp are.

This is default.asp
<title>Mailbox Information</title>
...conts        {visibility:hidden}  {       border-top:solid thin #E0E0E0;
                        border-right:solid thin gray;
                        border-left:solid thin #E0E0E0;

...selTab       {       border-left:solid thin white;
                        border-top:solid thin white;
                        border-right:solid thin black;

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

//sets the default display to tab 1
function init(){
        tabContents.innerHTML = t1Contents.innerHTML;


//this is the tab switching function
var currentTab;
var tabBase;
var firstFlag = true;

function changeTabs(){

        if(firstFlag == true){
                currentTab = t1;
                tabBase = t1base;
                firstFlag = false;

        if(window.event.srcElement.className == "tab"){

                currentTab.className = "tab";
       = "white";
                currentTab = window.event.srcElement;
                tabBaseID = + "base";
                tabContentID = + "Contents";
                tabBase = document.all(tabBaseID);
                tabContent = document.all(tabContentID);
                currentTab.className = "selTab";
       = "";
                tabContents.innerHTML =




<body BGCOLOR="#C0C0C0" onclick="changeTabs()" onload="init
()" BGCOLOR="#FFFF99" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#000000"

<div STYLE="position:absolute; top:40; height:350;
width:500; left:25; border:none thin gray">

<table STYLE="width:100%; height:250" CELLPADDING="0"
                <td ID="t1" CLASS="selTab" HEIGHT="25"
                <td ID="t4" CLASS="tab"
style="cursor:hand">Custom Attributes</td>
                <td ID="t1base" STYLE="height:2; border-
left:solid thin white"></td>
                <td ID="t4base" STYLE="height:2;


                <td HEIGHT="*" COLSPAN="7"
ID="tabContents" STYLE=" border-left:solid thin
                border-bottom:solid thin white;
                border-right:solid thin white"></td>

<form NAME="mbInfo" method=POST action="mbsave.asp">
<input TYPE="submit" VALUE="Modify User Values">
<input TYPE="button" VALUE="Exit"

<!-- Draw out the tab for General -->
<div CLASS="conts" ID="t1Contents">
<table WIDTH="600" border="0">
<td width="100%" colspan="10"><font FACE="Arial,
Helvetica" SIZE="5"><b></b></font></td>


<div CLASS="conts" ID="t4Contents">
<!--  Draw out the tab for Custom Attributes -->
<table width="600">

<td width="100%" colspan="5"><font FACE="Arial, Helvetica"


<tr><td ALIGN="RIGHT" NoWrap><font FACE="Arial, Helvetica"
<td><font FACE="Arial, Helvetica" SIZE="2"><b><input
TYPE=text NAME="extatt1" value="<%=Server.HTMLEncode(15)%






This is what mbsave.asp looks like
call PutAttrib(Request.Form.Item(1))

sub PutAttrib(Value)
        Response.Write CStr(Value)
end sub

Sun, 16 May 2004 08:32:21 GMT  
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