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I'm trying to port some code from VB to a VB script in a web page.  I have a
spreadsheet loading in the target frame and I am trying to put some control
buttons in another frame to reference it.

This code works to collapse all of the groups:
dim s, Object
 set s = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

 sub scheme_onclick
 s.activesheet.outline.showlevels rowlevels =0, columnlevels =0
 end sub

I can't get the syntax straight to either expand all of the groups or unhide
them.  In VB I set the rowlevels and column levels to 2 to expand them and 1
to collapse them.  In VB script I have to set them to 0 to collapse them but
I can't figure out how to expand them.  Any suggestions?
Does anyone know of a book or preferably a web page that deals with syntax
of VB script with an Excel sheet ?


Fri, 31 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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