Help: problem passing variable between client/server scripts 
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 Help: problem passing variable between client/server scripts

I have this script that processes data on the server.  I want it to
navigate to a new URL and send along a little information.  Since
there is no form in the script, I have explicitly tacked the data onto
the querystring.  It looks something like this:

here="newPage.asp?name=" & name
GoTo here

Sub GoTo(url)
        navigate url
End Sub

(I created the GoTo subroutine because the name variable, which holds
a value from earlier in my server side script, was not giving me that
value in my client side script.)

My problem can be interpreted in many different ways.  "GoTo" isn't
being recognized as a subroutine, and I don't know why.  On the other
hand, if I could get my "name" variable to retain its value into the
client side script, I could do away with the subroutine entirely. Does
anyone have a proposed solution to this dilemma?

Sat, 06 Mar 2004 12:36:22 GMT  
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