Boundschecker GPFs, any suggestions ? 
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 Boundschecker GPFs, any suggestions ?

We have a release build application and a debug build of a DLL  which gets
by it which works fine.

When we integrate boundschecker with the DLL and run, our application GPFs

Code in the application has been changed , e.g.

1843: Win32SendIdle(void)
1844: {
004E3DEF   push        ebp
004E3DF0   mov         ebp,esp
1846:     while (TRUE)
004E3DF2   mov         eax,1
004E3DF7   test        eax,eax


1843: Win32SendIdle(void)
1844: {

>>>004E3DEF   jmp         018D2370  (CHANGED)
>>>004E3DF0   jl          IsFileMapAlreadyThere+2Ch (004e3dd7)

1846:     while (TRUE)
004E3DF2   add         dword ptr ds:[eax],eax
004E3DF7   test        eax,eax

Has someone had a similar problem as knows a step needed for boundschecker
to work ?

Many thanks

Sun, 21 Sep 2003 14:38:50 GMT  
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