Wininet/FTP Problems 
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 Wininet/FTP Problems

I had some problems accessing one FTP Server through a FTP Client
compiled to run in Windows 95/NT. To better understand, I made a
small FTP Client for debugging. The code is listed below, in a
simplified way and without error checking.

hSession = InternetOpen(...);
hFtp = InternetConnect(...);
hFind = FtpFindFirstFile(...);
hFile = FtpOpenFile(...);

Debugging results: in some occasions, the program halts for some
minutes when it calls InternetCloseHandle(hFile).

So I decided to verify what was happening in the FTP Server, and I
realized that the client was sending a command like this: "???ABOR",
not recognized by the Server. I made some tests with several FTP
Servers, and IIS was the only one with no major problems. All the
others (Pharlap ETS, GuildFTPD, ArgoSoft) say that the command
is invalid.

- Is the programming sequence correct?
- Does Wininet API have any problem with InternetReadFile?
  The same client was made with calls to FtpGetFile and no
  problems were noticed.
- How do I make a better debug to solve my problem?

Mon, 02 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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