PDM.dll - newbie needs help 
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 PDM.dll - newbie needs help

My Internet Explorer v 5.50.4134.0100 repeatedly crashes.

The error I get is that 'IExplore has caused an error in PDM.dll' blah
blah blah. I regularly have more than one IE window, and when the crash
happens at least one IE window, and sometimes more (possibly but not
always including download boxes) then stop responding. If I reload IE
(without shutting down the old one) it works fine. The crash
particularly (but not exclusively) seems to happen when I save a copy of
a web page to my Hard Disk. Also common when I close one of the IE

The PDM.dll says it is from Microsoft, v., and a 'Process
Debug Manager' from Microsoft Visual Studio.

As far as I can tell this crash happens even when I am not using Visual

So what's the deal here? What is PDM, why is it doing this, and what can I
do about it?

Sat, 10 May 2003 14:24:02 GMT  
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