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 Call Stack problems

Dear all,

I am using MS Visual Studio 6.0, and am getting a strange problem with the
Call Stack and Variables windows whilst debugging.  This is illistrated by
the following call stack output:

GETMESS(long * 0x0012389c, short * 0x0012389c, * 0x008b30ec MESS1) line 19
MACMESS(short * 0x0012fcb4, * 0x034c205a, * 0x035290ca) line 32 + 11 bytes
GO_STRUMAC(* 0x0012fcd4, long * 0x0012fd28) line 270 + 130 bytes

These are _stdcall routines, written in Visual fortran 6.1A.  Once I get to
the first statement in GETMESS, the register EBP is 0013734 and the top ot
the stack is

00123734  9C 38 12 00  o8..
00123738  32 3D 73 00  2=s.
0012373C  8C 58 84 00  OX".
00123740  20 89 87 00   ??.
00123744  EC 30 8B 00  0<.
00123748  50 00 00 00  P...

with the integer 9C 38 12 00, which is the previous value of EBP, not
appearng anywhere else near the top of the stack.  In the Variables window
(Locals tab), the first two reference variables are shown to share this
address.  However, I have also debugged through the disassembler code,
carefully watching the registers and the stack in the Memory window, and it
the correct locations are being referenced.  So it does look like its the
debugging information that is incorreect.

Does anyone know whether this is likely to be the fault of the Visual Studio
De{*filter*} itself, or whether it would be likely to be a problem with the COFF
symbolic information suppled by the compiler?  Is there a good reference
that documents how these windows are constructed, and what dumpbin
information to look at?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Sat, 28 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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