'Break Execution' won't allow me to debug message box. 
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 'Break Execution' won't allow me to debug message box.


The debug symbols on the VC6 CD would not have been for WindowsXP.  Please
install these from
http://www.*-*-*.com/ #Windows%20symbol...
ages.  Also read the article
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;en-us;Q304989 to see how
these should be moved so that the de{*filter*} can find these symbols,


John Cunningham & Robert Sanchez
Visual C++ Team
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> I'm running VC6+SP5 on WinXP.

> When my app displays a message box I often hit 'Break
> Execution' to debug the code and see why the message box
> is being displayed.  When running under Win2k this worked
> fine although I would often have to hit 'Debug/Threads...'
> to select the thread that was displaying the window.

> Under XP, however, when I hit 'Break Execution' none of
> the threads appear to be the thread displaying the message
> box.  I.E when I select any thread and look at the call
> stack none of them show my app.

> Am I missing some debug symbols?  I installed the ones
> that come on the VC6 install CD.  Any help would be much
> appreciated.

> Thanks
> DG

Sat, 21 May 2005 03:40:00 GMT  
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