Viewing content of void* in Debugg 
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 Viewing content of void* in Debugg

I have just managed to find the cause of a problem I have with viewing list
content in debugg.

I am using a type of list as bellow :

void *  VosT_Ll_Elemptr;

struct VosT_Ll_Cell

             struct VosT_Ll_Cell     * next;
             struct VosT_Ll_Cell     * prev;
             VosT_Ll_Elemptr           elem_ptr;
              } VosT_Ll_Cell;


              int                         size;
             VosT_Ll_Cell      *head_ptr;
             VosT_Ll_Cell      *tail_ptr;
             VosT_Ll_Cell      *current_ptr;
              int                         current_pos;
              int                         status;
            } List;

The elements of the list are of type void* because then I can insert any
type of element structure in the list.
Becasue the actual elements in the list are of type void*, I can not watch
them during the debugg as the de{*filter*} does not know their type. I can only
see the address stored in VosT_Ll_Elemptr.
If I want to see the content of this address I have to cast that pointer to
the type of  the elements that I am actualy inserting in the list. I have to
do that manualy in the quick watch window.

Is there any way for this to happen automaticaly?

Many thanks


Wed, 10 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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