Debug MFC linking for multi-monitor support? 
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 Debug MFC linking for multi-monitor support?

Anyone know whether it's possible to link to the debug MFC libraries when
doing multi-monitor support?
This seems a funny restriction, however, here's what I'm getting at the
linking stage:

already defined in NAFXCWD.lib(wincore.obj)

The online docs say that in order to compile a multi-monitor app that will
run not only on Win98 and Win2000, but also on Win95 and NT4, you must
define COMPILE_MULTIMON_STUBS in exactly one source file, prior to including
"multimon.h", so that the monitor api functions get stubbed correctly to
work on these single-monitor platorms.

Since I don't get this problem when doing non-debug-library links, it would
seem someone goofed when building NAFXCWD -- or not?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Mon, 29 Sep 2003 02:28:09 GMT  
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