VC 6 SP5 BUG !!! 
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 VC 6 SP5 BUG !!!

Has any of you tried to scroll up in the disassembly window ? Devstudio goes
to 100% cpu utilization. I did the following to get at the strange state of
affairs(some of these steps may be redundant )

1. create a hello world console app thru wizard.
2. build it and set a break point at the 1st line (at the printf)
3. debug - go
4. after de{*filter*} stops on the break. ctrl+B. set a break point at
0x77E885F4. close the dialog.
5.right click- go to disassembly
6.edit - go to address type 0x77E885f4 see the red dot - and ok so your break point is there the scroll up button and it hangs...

my m/c is win2k adv srv/sp1 but i guess this should happen on NT too. i have
filed a bug report to MS but who knows what happens to these reports -
especially since they dont take any contact address just in case they need
any details.

so i'm posting here for someone from MS to see and get this fixed. it is
very annoying after 5 service packs... Is MS fixing enough problems in
VC6 or there is other macho things to do ?


PS: sometime back i was just plain scrolling in the disassembly window and
it - boom CPU is at 100% - the whole thing hangs and you gotta start all
again. very irritating.

Sat, 27 Sep 2003 18:07:37 GMT  
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