Question: Debugger Can't find vc50.pdb 
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 Question: Debugger Can't find vc50.pdb

I have just started having a problem where when I try to debug my
program under VC5.  I press F5 to start my app and then VC5 puts up a
browse dialog and says that it can't find the vc50.pdb symbol file.  So
I go to the Debug dir that contains the file, but then the dialog says
that yes there is a vc50.pdb file in this directory, but it's not the
right one.  It is the right one, but there is evidently something wrong
with it.

I have cleaned my project and deleted all the standard VC temp files,
trying to do as clean a rebuild as possible, but it still says that the
vc50.pdb is the wrong one.

Anyone have any Ideas or seen this before.

Richard Ward

System P166 64mb
NT 4 svcpk 3
VC5 svcpk 2

Fri, 11 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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