Delete a CButton and now Out Of Memory?! 
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 Delete a CButton and now Out Of Memory?!

My previously working VC5.0 project has a dialog box to which I added
two CButton(radio button) controls inside of a Group box.  I compiled,
linked and liked it, and then added two member variables via class
wizard. Compiled and linked that also. Did not bind variables to
handlers. Ran and it shows up at run time.

1. I decide I don't like it.  Go into editor and select the buttons and
group box.
2. Delete them.
3. Hit f7 to build.
4. Get out of Memory errmsg dialog box?!
5. Click on it and now my workspace window (the one with the resources
and file listings and classes) locks up.  click once more and it
shrinks. click again and it comes back blank.
6. Visual Studio is now locked up to the extent it will not build,
execute, go.  All result in "out of memory"

Any ideas or suggestions on what is happeing or how to delete the
undesired controls?


Sat, 27 Sep 2003 05:53:31 GMT  
 Delete a CButton and now Out Of Memory?!

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT  
 Delete a CButton and now Out Of Memory?!
Went back and took a look at other settings I may have tweaked on the
controls.  Turns out I set up the buttons to use the auto on/off feature
using tabs and group box, plus set the help_id check box.  I returned
these  off before deleting them, and the problem went away.

Hope this helps someone else,

Sat, 27 Sep 2003 06:17:36 GMT  
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