VS Exit code 20 (0x14) 
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 VS Exit code 20 (0x14)

1. MFC does not create any threads by itself. It utilizes the services of
system components.  2. It does not return any values other than 0, for a
thread, by itself.  3. Whatever value sees, is the value someone passed to
WM_QUIT message
(probably thru PostQuitMessage) or someone returned thru ExitInstance or
called TerminateThread or ExitThread, etc.  45. GetExitCodeThread documents
the return code as follows: If the specified thread has not terminated, the
termination status returned is
STILL_ACTIVE. If the thread has terminated, the termination status returned
may be one of the following:  The exit value specified in the ExitThread  or
TerminateThread  function.  The return value from the thread function.  The
exit value of the thread's process.  

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