DBWin32 V2.0 Captures OutputDebugString on '95/'98/NT 
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 DBWin32 V2.0 Captures OutputDebugString on '95/'98/NT

DBWin32 V2.0 Captures OutputDebugString on '95/'98/NT

I recently posted Version 2.0 of my DBWin32 Utility on my Web site at:


DBWin32 allows you to capture and view output generated by Win32 programs
that use Win32 OutputDebugString (or TRACE macro for MFC).

* New Features in Version 2.0 *

o Support for Windows '95 without any modification to programs!
o Support for remote viewing of output captured on one PC from another via
TCP/IP connection..
o Log to file capability.
o Tagging of output with Process ID, Date, Time and/or Line Number.
o Many other features, display enhancements and bug fixes.

* Existing Features *

o Straight forward utility.  It's a small executable that can be put on a
floppy and carried to a lab or customer site.
o Output from multiple processes can be shown in their own window or
combined in an Interlaced view.
o Scrollable buffer freezes scrolling when cursor is moved from the end
allowing easy review of output while additional output continues to
accumulate at the end.
o Ability to save buffer contents.
o Keep on top option.

This is a great program for watching debug output without all the hassle of
running a de{*filter*}.
It's real useful for debugging Applications, Multiple Processes, Active-X
controls, NT Services, Internet Server Extensions, etc.
It's also a great way to capture and view status and error or event logs
from running production programs.
And now, with Remote Client/Server capture and viewing you can now easily
watch client server interaction from multiple PCs at the same time from your
desktop whether in debug or production code.

Grant Schenck, MVP
Grant Schenck Software


Sat, 11 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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