View CString length in debugger 
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 View CString length in debugger

How can I view the length of a CString in the watch window?  Trying
"stringVar.GetLength()" gives me this message:
    "CXX0052: Error: member function not present"

Mon, 05 Jan 2004 08:31:24 GMT  
 View CString length in debugger
Hi, Issac:

If you are linking with MFC statically, then you stringVar.GetLength()
would work in the watch window.

This is a limitation in the VC de{*filter*}.  Basically you can call a member
function if the class is imported from another dll.
In this case,  if you use mfc as shared libraries, the CString class is
imported from the mfc42(d).dll. That is why you are getting
this error.

Alternatively,  you can use Trace() statements to get the string length but
that requires recompiling.


Wed, 07 Jan 2004 04:27:03 GMT  
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