Debugger vs. not debugger difference 
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 Debugger vs. not debugger difference

I just ran into a very unexpected difference between running under
a de{*filter*} and not. I have an app that temporarily sets ESP (the
stack pointer) for my main thread to a different chunk of memory
(for evil reasons that aren't relevant). I then execute some code
with that as the stack pointer and eventually return, and reset
ESP. This all works fine under Win9x, and it works fine under
WinNT as long as I'm running under the de{*filter*}.

It also works fine on NT when not running under the de{*filter*}
as long as I don't call OutputDebugString(). If I do then my
application is instantly terminated. No crash dialog, no opportunity
to attach a de{*filter*}, nothing.

I am running exactly the same executable in all situations - it's
not a debug vs. release compile issue. I am running it on just
two machines, one for NT one for Win98, so it's not a difference
of whether I have a de{*filter*} installed.

If anybody knows what is happening I would be very curious to

If anybody likes to keep track of differences between running your
app under a de{*filter*} and not, this is a particularly obscure one!

.Bruce Dawson, Cavedog Entertainment.
Makers of Total Annihilation - http://www.*-*-*.com/

Mon, 16 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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