debugging in VC++, variable watching 
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 debugging in VC++, variable watching

Anyone know how I can set VC++ 6.0 up so that when I compile for debugging
and use the Watch variable facilities I can actually type in a
and have it return a value.  Right now for some reason I can only type in
just a variable and have the result returns, eg. variable1 into name and its
shows 10 in value.  However, if I type in something like object::method()
into name, the value field shows "CXX0052: Error: member function not
This member function is present, but somehow, the debugging info just doesn't
evaluate it.  I think you have to see VC++ somewhere to enable this.  I know
it can be done because I was working on another project where the dsw/dsp
files had it all set up.  Thanks a lot, please also CC me when you reply.

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Fri, 26 Sep 2003 21:54:42 GMT  
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