Upgrading a project 
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 Upgrading a project


   I'm porting a VC++ 4.2 project into VC++6.  For some reason, the class
list is screwed up.  Anyone have any pointers on converting/upgrading


Tue, 06 Jan 2004 22:46:07 GMT  
 Upgrading a project
Hi, Eric:

Are you talking about the class view?  If so, are you including the header
files for the missing class into the project.
In VC4.2, class is displayed even if the .h file is not included in the
project.  In Vc6.0, only classes whose header files are in the project will
be displayed.  These header files in the "external dependency" folders will
not be included in the class view.  If you want to see these classes,
simply drap & drop these header files to the project.

Another possiblities is the the .ncb file is corrupted.  You may try to
delete .ncb file and let the VC regenerate it for you.


Wed, 07 Jan 2004 01:32:16 GMT  
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