VC Debugger showing wrong information? 
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 VC Debugger showing wrong information?

I'm using Visual Studio 6.0 SP4 Enterprise Edition and the de{*filter*} has been
giving me fits lately.  What happens is I have a breakpoint set on a line
that assigns a value to a bool (private) in an object:

    m_bFooBar = true;

When the de{*filter*} breaks on that line and I step over it, the Auto window
shows that it hasn't changed (it shows as 0).  If I have
this->MyClass::m_bFooBar set up in the Watch1 window, it shows it being
changed (in the Watch1 window--the Auto window still shows no change).
What's even stranger is if I put another member variable, say m_bFunkyStuff,
into my class definition and replace all instances of m_bFooBar with it in
the implementation, the exact same thing happens!  It doesn't matter if I
make it a bool, int, float, or char.  I've also set breakpoints like so in
some of the member functions of the class, just to make sure I wasn't
imagining things:

    if (m_bFooBar)
        int nBaz = 0;

If I set a breakpoint on the int nBaz = 0 line, the de{*filter*} will break on
it and show a 0 for m_bFooBar in the Auto window, even though it *has* to be
1 in order to trip that breakpoint.  This is not a multithreaded app, so I'm
pretty sure it's not getting clobbered elsewhere.  Any ideas?

BTW, may or may not be relevant, but the class also uses *lots* of

Mon, 21 Apr 2003 11:24:45 GMT  
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