Unable to open vc50.pdb 
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 Unable to open vc50.pdb


I usually work on projects that are on a server volume which is mapped to a
local drive. Periodically I get the message "unable to open vc50.pdb " when
I try to build. The only way I have found to clear it is to close my
project, log off the network, log back onto the network (reconnecting to the
drives), open the project and continue.  All other access to the drives is
find. I also cannot delete vc50.pdb because NT says it is in use.

This is on NT Workstation 4.0  SP3
Visual C 5.0 SP2
Netware 4.1,  Novell intranetware client.

Has anyone else seem this happen? Any ideas?


P.S. Remove the ending X from my email address.

Brian Kowald

Fri, 28 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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