PrintDlg returns CDERR_MEMLOCKFAILURE in debugging mode 
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 PrintDlg returns CDERR_MEMLOCKFAILURE in debugging mode

Hello to all!
I use a WINNT4.0(sp5)  workstation (P2 400 196 MB) and MSDEV 6.0 (sp3).
If I run my program with the de{*filter*}, an attempt to get the
PrinterDeviceDefaults results with the CommDlgError
An "execute" of the same code works fine.
At home I have WIN95 (P 200MMX 64 MB) and MSDEV 6.0 without servicepacks
and the code works fine, too!

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot


Sun, 29 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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