EXE File Missing Line Numbers 
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 EXE File Missing Line Numbers

COFF line number info was removed from the debug info in VC6 - you
now have to get it from the CodeView info.  IMAGEHLP.DLL is probably
the easiest way to do this.


: We recently upgraded from MSDEV 4.2 to Visual Studio 6.0 SP2.
: I have a stack trace dll that produces a symbolic dump of the stack of a
: target process when it encounters a GPF.  Among other things, my application
: reads line number information from the corresponding EXE file.
: I have found out that when the target program is compiled under Visual
: Studio 6.0, it doesn't seem to have any line number information in the EXE
: file.  I have examined all of my compiler settings and don't seem to see
: anything wrong.  And, as I say, the line numbers ARE there if the target
: program is compiled under 4.2.
: Any ideas?
: Thanks in advance,
: Gary

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