Strange user defined breakpoint under w2k 
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 Strange user defined breakpoint under w2k

All of a sudden under Win2000, when i debug my app the de{*filter*} stop at a user
defined breakpoint in the function NTDLL! 77f9eea9(). I didnt set this breakpoint
and even after a complete rebuild the breakpoint is still persistent. Does anyone
know why or what is going on here?


Sun, 03 Aug 2003 05:22:25 GMT  
 Strange user defined breakpoint under w2k
More information :

I've traced the error to somewhere in the function LoadIcon, the app registers a
windowclass with our unique icon. When I try to debug with this, the breakpoint
occurs, however when i replace the icon with a standard default apps icon (using
the IDI_APPLICATION flag) there isn't any breakpoint problem.


Sun, 03 Aug 2003 05:53:36 GMT  
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