Mem leaks & STL 
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 Mem leaks & STL

 What is the best way of detecting memory leaks in some function? Most of my
functions take as arguments pointers and pointer to STL container classes
like vectors, strings etc.
 In the following example I wrote, you can see two simple functions. One
takes pointer to an STL vector and pushes some string on it while another
function statically allocates memory for this vector and calls the first
function to add items to the vector.
I used leak-detecting method suggested in MSDN but It seems unsatisfying
here because it signals memory leaks without any reason.
If I got it right, some allocations occured within vector container class,
that changed memory image and 'confused' CMemoryState helper class. I think
I would need some way to check memory allocated only within the current
function scope.


void CMemLeakTestDlg::MemTest(vector<string> *pStrs)
// Declare the variables needed
#ifdef _DEBUG
    CMemoryState oldMemState, newMemState, diffMemState;


#ifdef _DEBUG
    if( diffMemState.Difference( oldMemState, newMemState ) )
        TRACE( "Memory leaked!\n" );


void CMemLeakTestDlg::OnButton1()
 vector<string> Strs;



Sun, 12 Oct 2003 18:29:48 GMT  
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