"No memory" while plenty of memory 
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 "No memory" while plenty of memory


I am debugging a console application that uses a plenty of memory. It is a
single module app (EXE only, no DLLs), plain C. When a malloc/calloc call
returns 0 (no more memory), I call
GetProcessMemoryInfo and print the PageFileUsage field of the
_PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS. What I can see for some cases is that program
reports "no memory" while the PageFileUsage (which I hope is the total VM in
use by my program) is quite far from 2Gb (1.3 Gb, for example). The memory
chunk to be allocated at that time is not that big (1 to 10-20 Mb). The VM
Size column in the Task Manager reports the same value for the program. It
happens in both debug and release modes.

What is wrong with that? Or the actual virtual space used is PageFileUsage
plus WorkingSetSize?

Windows 2000, VC 6.0 + SP5.

Thank you!


Sat, 07 Feb 2004 04:18:28 GMT  
 "No memory" while plenty of memory

Yes, the total VM used should be the working set plus the current page file
usage. You can use tlist to check the total VM usage.

It is possible that allocating large amount of memory if there is not an
address block big enough to contain the memory you specified in malloc.

Hope this information is useful for you.


Sat, 07 Feb 2004 20:19:06 GMT  
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