Viewing the Stack, Heap and Program Image tables 
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 Viewing the Stack, Heap and Program Image tables

Dear All,

With the Visual Studio de{*filter*}, is there an easy way of tracking changes in
the stack as one move down and up subroutine calls.  I have an extremely
bizarre bug which I think is caused by Compaq fortran allocating local
variables on top of local variables.  I want to rule out the possibility
that the stack is being corrupted

Related to the bug may be the fact that the linker is giving all
uninitialized common variables an extremely high offset in the image (there
is a 400 MB gap, and the heap appears to reside in this gap).  Apart from
disecting a full dumpbin of the exe, are there any tools that all the
section offset tables in the image are set up ok; maybe an image browser.


Sat, 09 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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