Structure is different in debug/release 
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 Structure is different in debug/release

Hi All
      I am writing a MFC Regular DLL and a MFC application.
I exported one function from DLL as ..
/************** DLL ********************
CDaoFieldInfo* WINAPI MyFunction()
    static CDaoFieldInfo fieldInfo;
// Assign values to fieldInfo
    return &fieldInfo;


And in my EXE I call this function as
CDaoFieldInfo* pInfo = MyFunction();
// End code.

   My MFC DLL is release version and my MFC EXE is debug version. I trace
into the EXE and 'QuickWatch' at pInfo, It appear __vfptr inside this
structure and make my program access violation when I used this pointer. So
I rebuild my DLL with debug info in release version and trace into the DLL
in MyFunction() doesn't has __vfptr in fieldInfo. I try to change fieldInfo
to pointer then return, still does not has __vfptr.

  Why is structure in debug and release difference?
  How can I fix this bug?


Fri, 27 Jun 2003 18:41:00 GMT  
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