memory access violation 
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 memory access violation


I am debugging my dll application, which is multithreaded. Also it has
shared memory between 2 dlls. The application runs as desired. But when I
try to run it consecutives, the second timt it fails with the message
'The instruction at "0x77fcb2b9" referenced memory at "0x0001d11e". The
memory could not be "written".'

Basically I have written dlls and the functions in these dlls are called
from MATLAB. I open Matlab and start one task by calling one function, then
I stop that task by calling another function. This is how my application is
supposed to work and it works once. Now If I again start the task without
restarting the Matlab, it gives the above error message. But sometimes, e.g.
when debugging the dll with matlab started from de{*filter*}, instead of giving
the above message it results in some deterioration in the task.

For further information about the task: The task is playing a continuous
sound on the sound card. I use double buffering for this. The deterioration
of task that I mentioned above means, the sound becomes discontinuous,
probably because of missing of one buffer.

Is the address location "0x0001d11e" not in my process? And why only second
Please comment.

Thank you

Thu, 30 Jun 2005 02:30:43 GMT  
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